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Ismael Olea, 18 oct 2008

OSWC bannerOSOR.eu
Yep, I'll be there too. In first day of the international meeting organized by the Junta de Andalusia (the government of the Andalusian region) will happen the IDABC OSS day, when OSOR.eu will be officialy announced.

For the different teams involved in the project will be a big proud to be there. Personally as Andalusian, the reason is obviously double.

See you there!

Guarrerías en mi web Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 12 oct 2008

Pues sí, la web está hecha unos zorros. Todo se debe a una serie de importantes cambios y actualizaciones, algunos a partir de software muuuuy antiguo. Todo está bajo control y los servicios más importantes están listos. El resto, «con pan y con vino».

Si eres de los que tiene un servicio alojado en olea.org y detectas problemas, no dejes de avisarme, por favor.

First package in Fedora Development Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 01 oct 2008

By chance I've have found a web alert about my first package ever included into Fedora Development. After a lot of years in this world, and a lot experience packaging software and making distros, it's an small but very nice satisfaction, specially since I've been a Redhat/Fedora/Centos user for more than 12 years (thanks to José Antonio Martínez for helping me in those my first steps!). Now, xhtml2fo-style-xsl is ready and hopefully my silly old patch for xmlto could be acepted too!

Now I plan to maintain a low intensity but constant activity in Fedora. I've have some more packages ready for feeding the Fedora's builder software. Since I'm not a programmer, it'll help me to maintain in touch with some of the real world gory details.

Lots of thanks to my mentor Mamoru Tasaka, for his advice, patience and trust.