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Ismael Olea, 27 ene 2011

OSOR.eu has just announced the JRC's opensource software guidelines. In the time I've worked for the OSOR.eu project I really tried to somehow reach the Joint Research Centre because my feelings on their research activities could be influential on OSS spread, some evidences of OSS related work and the firm belief of being «the right thing». I stimate my effort was near to unfruitful, but I tried.

The next text is my comment at the mentioned news:
It's really good news JRC is taking OSS into account seriously, and the mixing/linking code practices are a good thing to teach to use. Good for JRC.

OTOH, I would expected an explicit adhesion and promotion of OSS licensing in all own developments, at least an strong recomendation for all suitable cases. An being a research center, in my view would be recomendable to promote the more openest licencing schemes (BSD like) for the best transfering of coded knowledge to the society. Not so good for JRC.

Good move but insufficient.