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Microsoft clarifies patent licensing for ECMA 334 and 335 Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 07 jul 2009

I've loved this mail from the Fedora-Mono mailist:

From: David Nielsen
To: fedora-mono

>From our good buddy Miguel over the Novell way:


Finally we can put an end to all this retarded Boycott Novell anti-mono FUD, however to comply properly we on the Fedora side may need to split out the WinForms, ADO.NET and ASP.NET, then ship those in rpmfusion instead as they are not covered by ECMA and thus not by the the community promise.

Good news, and thank you to Novell and Microsoft for working this out, erasing doubt and showing good faith. I am very happy today.

Maybe you would like to send a thanks tuit to @bgoldy, a Microsoft guy.