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ChronoJump packaged for Fedora Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 25 ago 2009

ChronoJump logo
If you follow this blog maybe you remember some previous comment about my friend Xavi de Blas' awarded project ChronoJump. I'm a big fan of his work. I don't know a shit about sports tools or software... neither about sports themselves. But I have seem along years how his project was conceived, born as a Mono development, got mature and finally got worldwide recognized. Mono Project logo

Today ChronoJump is not only a software project but an holistic solution including the design, building and distributing the hardware companion. Xavier has been able enough to fit his activity into his own academic research work. So, you can imagine how amazing this project is. It can be seen as a maybe modest but complete R&D initiative from the Academy direct to the user. Impressive.Gnome Logo

As a little homage I did today a first RPM packaging for Fedora Linux and related distributions. You can install it directly or by adding my RPM repository to your software installation management.

My involvement on ChronoJump will be near to zero but I plan to postulate this package to Fedora any time soon.Fedora Project logo

Go Xavi, Go!

Una clasificación de la ignorancia Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 11 ago 2009

Así, a vuela pluma:

el ignorante socrático
la duda como método: «sólo sé que no sé nada»
el ignorante pasivo
no sabe que no sabe; una caridad cristiana aplicable: «probretico»
el ignorante militante
no es que no sepa: es que no le da la gana saber.

Inquietud: ¿quién es el más ignorante?

Corolario: «imbécil, usa el diccionario».