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Enjuto Mojamuto in... The worst day of my life Share/Bookmark

Ismael Olea, 16 ene 2008

My all time friend David Caparrós, aka Namuras, just presented what could be the next Internet/Web/Blogosphere virical effect. The Spanish ¿alternative? TV show Muchachada Nui created the epitome of the Internet addict: Enjuto Mojamuto. His poor live is fully closed two meters around his broadband connection. David had volunteered the subtitle translation into English of Mojamuto's episodes for the benefit of the commons starting on, probably, the most influential episode: the worst day of the live of Enjuto Mojamuto:

All of us had the moral imperative to share it with our friends. Everybody, specially you, the children, should be aware of the evilness of the Internet. Because all of us are Mojamuto, share it!

PD: you can follow Enjuto's sad live adding him at Twitter. He is quiet these days. Probably his intestinal troubles back again X-)