Standardized Organizational Operating System, SOOS: a definition

For web referencing I add here a whole entry devoted to an English SOOS definition:

Standardized Organizational Operating System, SOOS
«Organizational solution, open, convergent, standardized, compound by processes fully specified + a technology platform + self-learning mechanisms all in an open sourced and massive distribution.»

In more detail:

A solution is compound of people, processes and technology.
Organizational development is about performing, development and effectivity of human organization. An organization is two or more persons with one or more common goals.
in the sense of «systems theory», open to externals energy flows (in the most abstract sense).
aim to convergence with existing solutions in order to reduce complexity (see Tainter) and the paradox of the election.
Full support and vocation of adopting standards, in the open sense proposed by Ken Krechmer and the European Interoperability Framework.
From ISO 9000:2000 a process is a: set of activities mutually related or interacting, which transforms inputs items into results.
fully specified
as procedures, as in ISO 9000:2000: specified way to carry out an activity or process.
technology platform:
Wordnet says: the combination of a particular computer and a particular operating system.
self-learning mechanisms
meaning the mechanisms to explore the knowledge and the know-how from the abstract high level to the gory details for learning with the minimal operation costs.
open sourced
for example in the sense of Open Source Initiative promotes.
able to be popularized and distributed for the SMO sector, applying the Pareto Principle (rule of 80-20) to be commoditized.

For exploring more about SOOS you can read slides in English and Spanish.

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