Ismael Olea's short bio

Retrato de Ismael Olea

Ismael has been a free software activist since 1994. He has coordinated the Spanish Linux Documentation Project TLDP-ES (known as LuCAS) since 1998 to 2005, is a founding member of the Spanish Linux users association Hispalinux and the local groups Indalinux and Linux Madrid and has deeply involved in the organization of the Hispalinux's congresses.

In his work career had been CTO of one of the very first commercial linux distributions in Spain, HispaFuentes Linux, and now manages their own consulting company, Planeta Olea SL, specialized on technology strategy and consultancy about free libre open source software, FLOSS, and the digital revolution.

He is member of the GNOME Foundation, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, the Instituto de Estudios Almerienses and is a visiting lecturer at the Instituto Superior de Estudios e Investigaciones Tecnolológicas, Caracas (Venezuela).

For long time is a passionate researcher on electronic publishing in almost all its facets and a supporter of applying the knowledge economy of FLOSS on the linguistic resources for the Spanish language.

For the last years is performing an intense activity on the development of the SOOS concept, «Standard Organizational Operating System» in the framework of an open digital revolution. Had given dozens of talks in Spain, France and Latin America.

He is devoted to Our Father Genarín of León and tries to be sure everybody knows he comes from Almería (Spain).