I'm the official unofficial package mantainer of the acerhk kernel module for Fedora Core and compatible. I'm infinitely grateful to Olaf Tauber since it's the only method to deactivate the radio kill of my centrino 2200BG wifi chipset (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 7400M).

Today I'm just uploading the last version. You can get it using two methods, downloading it with your browser or setting up a repository at your yum/smart configuration. This is the configuration I'm using with smart:

name=Extra packages from Olea for Fedora Core 4 - i386
type = rpm-md
You'll find some weird bytes of my interest. I'd be a little more happy if the can help you in some way.

About acerhk kernel module there is a comment I want to make public for some months to now. Greater versions than 0.5.30 doesn't load with the stock FC kernels (or with the hibernate modified ones from open repos). So I've decided to still packaging new versions but only as source RPM packages with the naive idea of being useful. I've shared the problem with Olaf but none from us knows where the problem can be.

I'm still updating 0.5.30 version to new kernels as soon I upgrade to them since it still works fine with me.

If you find your kernel version is not compiled and don't know you can rebuild it have in mind you can do in a almost trivial way:

  1. download the sources of 0.5.30 version
  2. be sure your configuration for rebuild RPM packages is fine, you should not to use the root user to compile (please avoid that behavior).
  3. do a: rpmbuild --rebuild kernel-module-acerhk-0.5.30-olea1_2.6.17_1.2142_1.rhfc4.cubbi_swsusp2.src.rpm.
  4. if don't compile satisfy the compiling dependencies (supposed to be covered by the SPEC configuration).
  5. install the resulting package and learn to be happy
Please don't worry about the kernel references in the source package. The compiled one will use the right version from your installation.

PD: If you use the linux hibernate patch you'll want to use this somewhere in your wake up script:

echo 1 > /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled