mailscanner - E-Mail Gateway Virus Scanner and Spam Detector

License: GPL
MailScanner is a freely distributable E-Mail gateway virus scanner and
spam detector. It uses Postfix, sendmail, ZMailer, Qmail or Exim as its basis,
and a choice of 22 commercial virus scanning engines to do the actual
virus scanning.  It can decode and scan attachments intended solely
for Microsoft Outlook users (MS-TNEF). If possible, it will disinfect
infected documents and deliver them automatically. It provides protection
against many security vulnerabilities in widely-used e-mail programs
such as Eudora and Microsoft Outlook. It will also selectively filter
the content of email messages to protect users from offensive content
such as pornographic spam. It also has features which protect it against
Denial Of Service attacks.

After installation, you must install one of the supported commercial anti-
virus packages.


mailscanner-4.74.16_1-1.src [771 KiB] Changelog by Olivier Thauvin (2009-02-23):
+ Revision: 344006
- 4.74.16-1