How to cite bibliography ISO/IEC standards

For my final post-grade work I'm collecting bibliography and as the main work is around ISO/IEC documents I investigated how to to make a correct bibliography entry for these, which I realized is not very well known as you can check in this question in

I finally chose an style I show here as an example:

  • BibTeX: @techreport{iso_central_secretary_systems_2016, address = {Geneva, CH}, type = {Standard}, title = {Systems and software engineering -- {Lifecycle} profiles for {Very} {Small} {Entities} ({VSEs}) -- {Part} 1: {Overview}}, shorttitle = {{ISO}/{IEC} {TR} 29110-1:2016}, url = {}, language = {en}, number = {ISO/IEC TR 29110-1:2016}, institution = {International Organization for Standardization}, author = {{ISO Central Secretary}}, year = {2016} }
  • RIS: TY - RPRT TI - Systems and software engineering -- Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) -- Part 1: Overview AU - ISO Central Secretary T2 - ISO/IEC 29110 CY - Geneva, CH PY - 2016 LA - en M3 - Standard PB - International Organization for Standardization SN - ISO/IEC TR 29110-1:2016 ST - ISO/IEC TR 29110-1:2016 UR - ER - I've using this style extensively in a development website You can compare details with the official info.

Both have been generated using Zotero.